How To Extract .rar file using Winrar

A .ZIP or .RAR file compresses each file as it is included in a zip file. A .TAR file just includes files together with file information such as owner, date, size, etc.. Commonly, a .TAR file is compressed after the archive is created using WinRAR.

The are a number of ways to open the RAR archives, either by double-clicking the first one to open the console window, and then selecting the extract to button, or by right-clicking on the first RAR archive and select extract here. I find the latter to be the easiest, and so will use it to demonstrate the process.

This will bring up the WinRAR monitor window, which will decompress the files and leave you with an image file, in either .ISO or .BIN/.CUE format or other type of file format.

After that....

Easy right?? :)